650lb Creep Feeder

The 650 pound creep feeder holds 650 pounds of feed and can be order with just the box only or with a 5’x5′ creep pen.  This feeder is the ideal creep feeder for small animals like goats, sheep, or even calves.  Northeast Gates creep feeders are specially designed to keep your feed dry from the rain with a feed pan that is tucked inside the feeder and a fold down awning to ensure feed wont be spoiled.  Each creep box also comes with a feed flow regulator to adjust how quickly your animals run through your feed.  The creep feeders at Northeast Gate are made with strong galvanized sheet metal with a powder coat finish to ensure you get maximum life out of your feeder.

*Constructed with Galvanized Material with Powder Coat Finish (7 colors available)


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