Premium Dog Kennel

Northeast Gate’s Premium Kennels are built with both animal and owner in mind.  Whether for individual use, breeders, boarding, vets, or trainers these kennels are easy to use and built to last.  Each kennel piece will feature a 2″ foot on the bottom to allow for ease of washing out of the pen.  A horizontal spring loaded latch is outfitted on each kennel front with gate.  Our premium kennels use 16 gauge tubing for the frame with heavy duty 6 gauge 2″x4″ galvanized wire.  Other wire options also available such as 4″x4″ and 2″x2″ wire all in the heavy duty 6 gauge wire for owner and animal safety.  Northeast Gate is the leader in customizable kennels and pens to fit your barn or space.  Any size of kennel run is available up to 12 foot long and up to 6 foot tall.  Each piece of our kennels is constructed with galvanized wire and tubing with a powder coat finish, providing two coats of protection against rust and other elements.

7 Colors Available

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