‘GoatMaster’ Working Chute

The ‘GoatMaster’ working chute is one of the flagship products from the Northeast Gate Company line.  This working chute has served small animal ranchers for over 25 years.  It has been often imitated over the years… but never duplicated.  The ‘GoatMaster’ is the ideal working chute for all small animals such as goats or sheep no matter the breed.  One of the great advantages to this chute is you can work any size animal from a few days old baby to a fully grown buck or ram or even a pregnant animal.  The automatic head catch, which is adjustable from 3″-7″ once locked into place, ensures a solid catch every time.  The adjustability of the head gate allows us to even work breeds with large horns (sometimes horns are a little better because it slows them down going through the chute).  The catch area also features straight bars the entire length of the catch area eliminating the possibility of the animal choking itself.  There is a work tray on top to conveniently hold all your equipment while working your animals as well as drench gun holders.

The chute has a pendulum style tailgate that can be operated from the side or the handle on top.  Both sides of the chute open completely up to allow full access to the animal.  The side gates swing in and out to allow for sorting out of the chute as well.  The ‘GoatMaster’ chute has a non slip floor at the bottom of chute and there is also a digital scale that is an optional add-on that fits in the bottom without hindering the use of the side gates.  Lastly, each working chute comes with a set of removable ‘V’ inserts, one, none, or both of the inserts can be taken out depending on which size animal you are working.  These inserts help ensure easy and efficient working of the animals by hindering their ability to turn around in the chute.  No matter the size of your operation or the breed of small animal the ‘GoatMaster’ working chute is built to handle your needs with both your animal and you in mind.

Optional Add-ons:

– Full Front Ramp (sides included)

– 1,000 lbs Digital Scale


*Powder Coat Finish (7 colors available)

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