EZ Feeder Panel

The ‘EZ Feeder Panel’ line of products is another featured line of products in the Northeast Gate line.  These fence line feeding panels work great for all small animals such as sheep, goats, etc..  These panels allow several animals to eat at the same time, reducing the competition and stress often brought on by feeding time.  Another incredible benefit to these feeder panels is no more almost falling over or being swarmed by animals while trying to feed.  These EZ Feeder panels allow you to feed your animals safely and efficiently by pouring feed outside the pen, then opening the feed door up for them to eat.  These great panels promote safety for both the animals and you.  Each EZ Feeder panel is offered in 2×2 wire, 2×4 wire, or 4×4 wire.  There is a hanging feed trough at 6″ wide that comes standard with each feeder panel or there is an optional upgrade to a 12″ wide bunk style trough.  Another great optional add-on is the hay option, this a fold-up hay rack that can be folded up flat when not in use or folds out inside the pen when feeding hay. The EZ Feeder line of products from Northeast Gate is a great addition to your operation, big or small, that boast safe and efficient feeding.

*Constructed with Galvanized Material with a Powder Coat Finish (7 colors available)


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