Goat Butler

The ‘Goat Butler’ is one of Northeast Gate’s premiere products in their product line.  This scissor cart has been the choice of champions in the sheep and goat show industry for years.  The cart features an auto brake winch with aircraft grade steel cable that works the platform up and down.  The use of the auto brake winch allows you to raise or lower the platform to any height desired.  The Goat Butler is an all-in-one cart that makes taking your animal to the wash pens easy and mess free while allowing for ease of grooming without hurting your back.  Another great feature to the cart is the ability to lift your animal straight up taking up minimal space and making packing for shows much easier.  Each Butler has pneumatic no flat tires and a brake that lifts the back wheels off the ground so you can groom with confidence.  The Goat Butler is a great addition to your show equipment that can tremendously help streamline your show days!

*Coated with Industrial Grade Powder  (Available in 7 colors)