Llamas, Alpacas, Miniature Horses, etc.      Our 4×4 wire, 2×4 wire, and horizontal bar products work great for these animals.  There are many custom options regarding our Miniature horse stalls to fit your needs.  We also built these in larger sizes to accommodate standard size horses.  Our customers enjoy the ease that these style of pens go together and the portability.  

Livestock Pens and Fair Pens
Livestock pens pictured below in 4×4 wire, Horizontal Nine Bar and Vertical Bar.  We build them in standard sizes as well as custom sizes for those hard to fit dimensions in barns.  We use spring loaded latches standard on our gates.

“Goat Butler” Scissor Stand
The “Goat Butler” stand is great for those people needing that extra height to ease their back.  It can dolly at the shows and has a type of lift system that brings the platform straight up and down.  This allows it to take up less space in a storage position or during travel.

Goat Master Working Chutes and Scale Systems
Some pictures of our Goat Master Working Chutes.  Please see our catalog or call for more options.  We have an assortment of products that can be added to the Goat Master to enhance its use. We have sweep tubs, panels, drop panels, sort gates, swing gates for ease of handling livestock in our working chute systems.  Pictured below our working systems are our Scale Cages. Scales can fit in the scale cage or in the bottom of the Goat Master.  The scales can weigh up to 660lb. animal and have been used for pigs, sheep, goats and more.

Pickup and Trailer Totes

Goat totes pictured below in standard and custom sizes and applications. We have also built totes for pigs, sheep and bottle calves; these can be built to fit the back of trucks as well as trailers.

Hay and Grain Feeders
We manufacture a wide assortment of hay and grain feeders.  We can also build custom size hay racks.  We do have wall mount hay racks and other designs of cradle style round bale feeders.  We also make a double sided full grain feeder, custom sized EZ feeder troughs and panels and gates to accommodate these styles of feeders.