Horse Stalls, Bunk Troughs/Feeders, Heavy Duty Hay Racks with Trough, Rough Stock Bucking Chute Systems and Stripping/Roping Chutes
      We build stalls with swinging or sliding doors; they can be vertical, horizontal, 4×4 wire or 2×4 wire.  Stalls can be designed to fit lumber/plywood/polyboard or built with steel kick plates.  Bunk feeders and heavy duty troughs and hayracks can be designed at various heights. Our rough stock bucking chutes and roping chutes also can be designed to suit customers needs.




Livestock Gates, Panel Gates, Bow Gates, Corral Panels, Round Pen Panels, Environmental Panels
We manufacture heavy gauge bull gates and panels as well as medium to light duty panels and gates for customers with petting zoos to pleasure horses.  Products are built from galvanized steel or we can have that hot dipped galvanized or powder coated finished added to our products. Kick plates can be added to panels, gates, stalls or pens.

Bucking Chute Systems, Roping Chute, New Style of Scale Cage and the New Water Gate
Pictures showing our bucking chute systems, a more open style of miniature horse stalls, our newly designed water gate, scale cage and a smaller version of our standard size roping chute that we designed custom for a calf roper.